Wednesday, March 31, 2010

rezeki. *-*

MARCH 31ST, 2010.

oh my god, today is d very last day of march. alahai, cptnya masa berjalan. rasa mcm baru je lg dok btungkus lumus pegang buku ke hulu ke hilir, rasa mcm baru je pkai baju sekolah, mcm baru je dok ketar gila nk amik SPM and now, m peacefully resting at home doing absolutely NOTHING for i can say err, nearly 4 months? YES! *mana nk dpt cuti panjang camni seumur hidup kan* hehe. itu pasal la dok kira qada mcm mcm sekarang. haha. segala tidurnya, makannya. jadi hasilnya badan saya semakin KUAT & SIHAT! ahaha. =D

ALLRITE, talking bout rezeki, since at this moment there is only one car dkt rumah which is vios, (d other car is with my bro dkt shah alam) so mcm we were talking bout getting a new car for me. bkn xleh bwk vios tu, infact dh merata cuma mcm susah ckit la walid nk guna n then if nnt nk g bljr msti la i need my own car jugak so after having a very short discussion, we decided to get a new car. HUYYO. hehe. first mcm i said dkt mummy, gimme a sec hand car pun dah okay, i seriously dont mind sbb bila pk ifwat pun xdapat brand new car (dia dpt keta mummy) so nk bg jd fair and square plan cmtu la. TAPI bila bincang blk, mum and dad said, baik beli brand new car, bleh pkai for a very long term kan. =)

SO, Walid called his friend and uncle tu dtg rumah and bincang la psl keta and stuffs. so we took bout few days to make our decission and last week on tuesday, ktorg g booked kereta. kereta nnt smp dlm two to three weeks! *lamaaa jugak tu, sbb vios dulu smp a week je =) tp xkisahlaa. asal dpt rezeki sudah. HAHA.

itulah ceritanya - so kiranya today dah a week. kna tunggu few weeks/days lagi.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

EARTH hour !

MARCH 27TH, 2010.
time : 2030HRS to 2130HRS

the EARTH HOUR is back! we(my family) kinda support it by switching OFF all d lights BUT the fan, television and the computer are ON. hahaha.

and mum said : 'kalau tiap tiap malam mcm ni pun seronok jugak kan?' haha.

have fun BERGELAP friends. =D

mood swing.

hey, im a girl and i obviously have mood swings.

i just dunno how to start. to cut short, m a person who likes to read people objectively. NOT subjectively. (mayb dats d reason i wanna b a psychologist. hehe)

so here it goes. i HATE to start a fight, and i SERIOUSLY HATE to b in a fight. come on. i dun wanna act pretty childish. if u want, go ahead, ALONE. i will seriously BACK OFF.

so back to d *m a so-called mind reader* topic, i will always look on how people talk to me, how people handle themselves and how they handle their emotions. and when i found out theres something wrong somewhere (that probably hurt me), i've dis one more problem, I DUNNO HOW TO TELL THEM THAT. i'll keep it to myself.

people see me laugh, people see me happy but they will never know what i feel. and im d kind of person who just dont know how to show my freaking EMOTION(s). (its pretty stupid but, ergh, whatever)

so from there, few probs came. after one another. NOT that i dont wanna care bout you, but sometimes there are things that u've done hurts me, indirectly. and as usual, i WILL NOT open my mouth and tell, *hey you, im hurt* and i NEVER will. (urgh, i know i know, im sorry for that)

but could you please for once, try to understand me? just try. but if u cant, then thats it. dont pretend that u really understand me because that actually wont help. :(

sometimes, i dunno where should i go to SPILL all of these things. i dunno how to start, dunno how to tell people. to have dis blog on my own, somehow it helps. even just A LITTLE. theres a lot more in my heart but let it be there till m ready to spill it more. (hehe)

so, whatever written here, will remain here. dont ask me whether m okay or not. d answer will only gonna break my heart into pieces because somehow, i wont tell what i actually felt.

i am sorry if since i knew you, i created so many scars in your heart. DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY. i couldnt control my emotions sometimes. even i know, what actually happened WAS NOT MY MISTAKE AT ALL.

*whatever happened, i will always try to please everyone around me. =)*


Friday, March 26, 2010

three things that i LOVE.

=) these pictures were uploaded NOT following d sequence which one i love most. hahaha. it can change anytime. so yeah, have a look.

take care people!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


i never knew that i seriously can go craazzyyyyy towards him. OKAY. its just like love at first sight! HAHAHA. *bodoh gila ayat but whatever*

HE IS HANDSOME ! oh maaann. I MEAN IT. =D

see you again love. everyday we'll meet allrite. HAHA. eventhough its just half an hour or an hour or an hour and half. but as long as i can see you, then its more than allrite for me. HAHA.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

dear bloggie.

March 21st.

it has been few days since my last post. bosan betul la life with no pc at home. actually, the mini tower broke down, pastu mula la kna hntr repair la suma. thank god siap awl sbb ckp dgn uncle tu 'uncle, i still have lots of application xapply lg, please make it fast okay' hehe. =) dia sgt memahami so jumaat hntr, sabtu mlm dia call dh siap..but busy lah mlm tu dok focus mata dkt KEKASIH HATI so xleh la nk suruh dia hntr. walid gtau dia 'dont come tonight okay alfred, tomoro morning should b okay' haha. dan hari ini, computer tlh kembali. bleh la start post balik. :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my very first time karaoke-ing! haha =)

"jom kita pegi karaoke nak? "
and i was quite excited. hehehe.
so we (ella, kak zerra, kak d and me) headed to PUSAT NYANYIAN SEKELUARGA hahahaha. nama dia sgt lwk ok tmpt karaoke tu.
and we chose few songs and start la pegang mic and apa lagi. MENYANYI AND MENYANYI FOR THREE HOURS BAAAABBYY! i cant believe dat we really sing for 3 hours. haha.
kak farhah together with her husband, abg atan came n joined us. happening gilaa.. hopefully nnt kita buat lg okay..haha. :D

muka muka lawak. =D

kak d : xsangka kan kita pndai jugak menyanyi.
khodi : wah, rasa mcm buat konsert amal pulak nyanyi skali siap dgn baju kurung lg.
ella : mcm sedap je suara kita.
kak zerra : mcm gothic pulak mnyanyi harini.

Monday, March 15, 2010

im grateful !

that is d only word yg keluar when d result slip is in my hand. =)
i know that some people will say its not good because i didnt managed to get straight A's just like my UPSR n PMR but come on, ITS NOT EASY AS WHAT U GUYS THINK OKAY. and im very happy n proud of myself coz i can say my dream comes true? haha.

* managed to get moree than my bro. (thats what i really aimed for)
* managed to get more than 5A's. (i target to get lower than that but alhamdulillah, i obtained MORE than what i expected!)
*eventhough i criedd after my accounts paper because m so stressful after doing it (susah nak mampus thp tegolek golek) but luckily i managed to get an A for my accounts. alhamdulillah. =))
* andddd i managed to get distinction for LCCI! (lcci is an international ques in accounts paper and the hardest ques. i cried because of that question!)
* an A for my 1119.
* add math dear, i know before this m kinda screwed u, but luckily a B for u. aahaha..

thank you teachers!

muka muka riang lps dpt results. =)

gadis-gadis. HAHAHA.

choda dgn ayahanda. choda dpt exactly sama dgn what i get. dah la masa spm dok sblh sblh. hahaha. lawak betul.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


nervous. i am nervous. less than a day. oh my god. i am hoping n wishing for THE BEST. YA ALLAH YA TUHANKU, hanya kepada MU aku memohon, berikanlah kami keputusan SPM yang cemerlang YA ALLAH. aminn.

Monday, March 8, 2010


oh well! a new haircut for me like after a year? or more. i couldnt remember. it was years back when i last cut my hair. i think d last time i remember went to salon was after i get my pmr results. after that? oh i couldnt remember. mayb i went once just to trim.

now, after such a long time, i went to this salon near my house with mum. and at last, m happy with the result! great job. haha. i feel good. =)

Saturday, March 6, 2010


March 6th.


al kisah, ade kwn mummy recommended kedai makan arab ni kt ktorg. mmg terujaa gila la nk g rasa kan since kami pn mmg dah ade darah arabnya. haha. walid pn nk pegi try food dkt restaurant arab tu so we decided today, mummy cuti so we can give it a try la.

suasana dkt kedai tu mcm biasa je pun, tp yg uniknya ramai org arab n diorg pn ckp ckp arab. hehehe. rasa mcm ade dkt MAKKAH pulak. sukaa sgt. menu dia mmg mknn arab semata mata except for d drinks which they have can drinks yg boleh didapati di MALAYSIA. hhahaha. :D

so the three of us ordered MANDY CHICKEN BRIYANI. dia ade MANDY and KABSA. d diff is mandy ni grilled chicken while kabsa ni boiled chicken. katanyalah. hehe. PORTION for d briyani agak banyak. smp mengah mengah ktorg mkn. tp mmg bebaloi la. xde la mahal pun. harga mcm pegi mkn kedai biasa je. in fact rasanya lg murah dr briyani kt kdai lain. if we choose 1/4 chicken with mandy briyani br dlm rm 6.00. since nama pn kdai arab, dont expect kuah la kan. hehe. nasik diorg mmg dah ade good taste. =)

bila dah halfway makan br trigt BELUM SNAP PICS LG. haha. tp tngkap lah jugak few pics nasik yg setengah dlm prot setengah dlm pinggan tu. hehe.

shown above tu la gmbr briyani dia. dgn salads and sambal and mutton soup katanya.

pastu for the drinks pulak, mummy and i ordered LEMON DRINKS. tp agak PAHITTT. rasanya dia blend dgn kulit n bijik skali. hehe. tp boleh la minum. br rasa lain dr yg lain ckit. hehe.

so that was our LUNCH FOR TODAY. hehe. amat mengenyangkan.

nnt kami plan nk pegi dinner plak kat sana. makan ROTI ARAB. walid masuk hati laaa. haha. kaum kerabat dia. =D

Friday, March 5, 2010

Queensbay & Baskin & Breeks. :)

March 5th.

an outing with dearest friends. wah, we did not plan this actually but somehow last night farah asked me whether i wanna go to QB after fri prayer today. so i immediately say YES because m too bored staying at home. doing NOTHING.

so after asking our parents' permission, hahaha, d three of us which is farah, anis n myself getting ready to go out. farah came n picked me n anis up at home n we headed straight to QB.

since m craving for icecreaamss like crazy n farah wanted to have a BANANA SPLIT, we decided to share some amount of money to buy this banana split at BASKIN ROBBINS. ahaha. it was SUPER NICEEEE. :D

after we had banana split, arif came n we called keyra to join us at baskin since its her break time dat time. n then keyra n zt, whom we call WANITA BEKERJAYA were hungry. haha. so we headed to BREEKS n had our LUNCH there. at 5 btw. haha.

after our 'lunch' we were all getting ready to go back. eventhough it was a short outing, i still enjoy it though. thanks FRIENDS. :D

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh No!


March 4th.

allritee. here comes d not-so-good-to-hear-story. OH MY GOD. i know, when march came, everyone (especially d one who took spm exam) will ask, when arr result kuar? minggu dpn ke? dua minggu lg ke? haisshh.

i always pray that results will b out on 16th since on d 13th i've kenduri to attend. which is my cousin kak ct's wedding and all my cousins which are close to me are coming back to penang. gila EXCITED la at firsttt sbb igt its on d 16th so i've d chance to have fun before ambil results. BUT, ade plak cita yg lain yg came after that. they said result will b out on 11th. bila fikir blk mcm boleh jd jugakk. (but i dont really care bout it. still konon nk stick to what i've heard before which is 16th. hahaha)

nak dijadikan cerita, today is thursday and exactly a week before 11th. so if diorg nk announce pun must be today lah kan sbb usually they will annouce a week before d day of result. so, in the afternoon, walid was watching this BULETIN 1.30 in case they will announce bout it but LUCKILY theres NO announcement about it AT ALL. LEEEGGAAA YANG AMAT!

ptg tu chat dgn CHODA, n she posted a link yg bgtau about d result that will b out on 11th. still kami dua xmau pecayaa. haha. saying that benda tu tipuuu. TUHAN nak tunjuk kebenaran, i found out a link bout it, and thats it. HANCUR LULUH BERDENTUM DENTAM JANTUNGKU.

here is d link :

trusss mcm xtau nk kata apa. tesenyap. n i dont know what m feeling actually. nk kata nightmare mcm bukan. nk kata a dream comes true lg laa bukan. haha. nk kata what i've been waiting for for so long pun bukan.

but now, m seriously HOPING FOR THE BEST. i know that i cant change anything. but, i still can HOPE FOR SOMETHING because d result slip is still not in my hand YET.

oh GOD, please help. i seriously want this thing to end with HAPPINESS.

a week.


its been a week. since i last chatted with arwah. bapak, u know that i miss you so much.

we always chat at night. after u've gone, theres no one to make me laugh at night. to call me anakku. i miss all that. seriously. the mini cooper thingy that we planned together. ur last words are still nicely kept in my mind. I'LL REMEMBER FOREVER!

i know its not good for me to cryyyy n cryyy thinking bout u. org tua tua ckp, xbaik meratapi orang yg dah tiada. BUT bila org tu dh sgt rapat dgn kita, mcm mana pun akan terkesan jugak. I TRIED not to think bout you so much, but every night when the clock strikes 11 i'll have this goosebumps thingy coz at dat time i received a call that informed me bout d TRAGEDY.

when it rains or windy day, there comes this goosebumps thingy againnn. i did not online for a few days using my pc after THAT DAY. mmg xleh tgk chat box. xleh tgk ur prof. but after day by dayy i know that i've to be strong. ade org lain lg yg lagi sedih pd kita. :)

NOWWW, i think m strong enough to face all this. n i always tell myself I HAVE TO ALWAYS EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED TO HAPPEN and i have to be strong in order to face d other unexpected things. *-*

p/s : cheq RINDU pak.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Al - Fatihah.

On FEB 25TH, Zulhanizam bin Badrul Hisham which is my bapak, my classmate for two years meninggal dunia. =(

terkejut sgt bila dpt call from fahmi around 11 sumthing bgtau psl nizam sdgkan sblm tu i was chattin with him. igt fahmi tipu n i was hoping so badly yg lps tu dpt call yg ckp ITS A RUMOURS or something. but unfortunately, after i've made & received few calls from friends, they said d same thing n in fact mse tu fahmi pegi GH straight away nk tgk. n its true. rasa mcm jantung ni luruh. rasa mcm dunia ni gelap. rasa mcm everything gone. trus dlm kpala otak ni trigt our LAST CONVERSATION yg we had few hours back. TERKEJUT SANGAT. couldnt sleep that night.

pape pun, bapak, u know that we all love you so much! u r such a veryyy veryy great PM for us. n a great bapak for ME. :D

smoga arwah tenang di SANA.

we'll remember u ALWAYS.


OH MY GOD! its like a dream when m now starting to active blogging agaaaiinnn? oh maan. ahaha. actually, this blogging stuff(s) is just so not me when it comes to write something about urself or something bout what u've done daily. but somehow, day by day, deep inside my heart, i know that i need something for me to tell or expressed every single thing that happened around me. n thats it. being a blogger again is the answer. haha.

i've decided to use my old blog instead of re DO-IT again as what i've planned earlier. so theres still some of d post i mean d last TWO YEARS post are still in here. haha.

okay, whatever it is, i want to thank SYUHADA ROSLI @ CHODAAAA for spending her such valuable time to dwld a new template for this blog. (since i dont want to use d previous template which is so not NICE and CHILDISH *haha*) choda, THANK YOU SO MUCH. really appreciate it. ;) u know, we spent about an hour pluss to choose d really suitable skin for this blog. i've surrendered at first but choda said *sabaqqq kd sabaqq* haha. so this is it. THE VERY NEW POST FROM ME. =D *-*

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