Friday, December 30, 2011

weird much. :)

i dont like robots. AT ALL. but i love ATOM. :D TWO THUMBS UP.

MI : GP. m not so into action movies but for this one, THUMBS UP.

these two movies had changed my perceptions PLUS they have such a good looking hero in action. hehe. i dont mind watching action movies now. ;)

p/s : mum paid the penalty for my flight ticket. will be goin back on 2nd. :') thanks parents.

Monday, December 26, 2011


yaa you guys aware kan now m having my mid sem break. and it is until 2ND JANUARY 2012 and yet i've to go back to s.alam on 1ST JANUARY 2012. sbb dh beli tix awal. and m so NOT LOVING IT. ya la, cuti sekali sekala, pastu org lain sedap cuti lg, i have to head back dah. and ya, sehari tu bermakna sbb 1st january tu bukannya balik mlm ke ape, balik ptg weh. some people will just say that one day does not really matter but for me it does.

buatlah apa pun to let me feel good, but i dont think i will have fun anymore.

till then, goodbye.

Monday, December 19, 2011


dont get me wrong. no one admitted. just some short story about hospital. since the last time i updated my blog was err, few days ago with short-little-one-sentence post, today rajin sikit. lets hit it.

i DISLIKE HOSPITAL. like seriously. i mean it. seriously. i have this terrible goosebumps whenever i enter or pass by any hospital. so if there's anyone who admitted in the hospital, i feel bad. not that i dont wanna visit them but i just dont like hospital. i used to tell someone (i cant remember who was it, but i think it was my mum) i told her, 'nanti if nak bersalin, panggil je bidan dtg rumah, i dont wanna go to the hospital' you seee. kolot kan pemikiran. haha. mcm org dolu dolu. but whatever. mmg jantung nanti pump beribu kilometer lajunya.

when i was a kid, ada ketumbuhan dkt leher/tekak (entah la xtau nk describe kt mana, dia mcm halkum tu!) and yah i had that. we wanted to go for a check up in the hospital but for sure nanti kena sembelih punya aku ni pun. so we decided not to go through operation but pergi berubat traditional way. and so i believe, traditional pun boleh sembuh ok penyakit! hihi.

you know why m so scared to go to the hospital? its simply because dkt hospital ada bilik mayat, and ada org yang meninggal dkt situ. i know it sounds ridiculous but who cares, everyone has their own weaknesses and so do I.

plus, the smell of the hospital is sooo NOT nice. nak kata bau dettol pun tak, bau chemical/ubat pun tak. bau ape tu haa, cmne nk describe. you see, when it comes to hospital mmg xreti nak describe lebih lebih. mcm nervous waktu tulis ni pun! HAHA

but now m quite okay sikittttt la kalau sebut psl hospital pun. few years ago, my late aunty was admitted in Hospital Besar Pulau Pinang, and we always drop by to visit her. almost everyday. from there mcm dah gain confidence, not that nervous sgt, but still the feeling is there. masa i walk through the wards, mesti nnt fikir, 'ada orang sakit dalam tu, kesian diorang, mcm mana diorang boleh masuk situ, sakit ape bla bla' patu terus rasa mcm nak nangis. dah la aku murah air mata.

then, my nenek sedara kena ragut few years ago, masuk ICU dkt Hospital Besar P.P jugak. kena buat surgery and bila pergi melawat, tengok dia dalam tu ya Allah sedih gila. tak bergerak langsung. oleh itu, saya kasihan sangat. and lg satu, i always have this feeling yang hospital besar ni mcm scary lg compared to private hospital. sbb the surroundings mcm dull. mcm dah la orang sakit je dalam tu, pastu persekitaran pun sedih dan pilu. :(

lastly, my dad was admitted almost 3 years ago. masuk CCU (Critical Care Unit) at Pantai Hospital due to high blood pressure. dah nama pun CCU of course nk kena masuk sorg sorg if nak melawat kan, that time, mummy asked me to go in first, ketaq lutut weeeii! dah lama walid punya katil tu jauh nun hujung sana, kena lalu in front of orang yang critical critical dalam tu, jantung macam nak melompat keluar. silap silap aku terbaring sekali dlm tu. tapi nasib baik walid dah sedar that time so nmpk je walid trus increase speed. :') i think that was the last time masuk hospital kot. tapi sampai sekarang ketar lutut lalu dpn hospital tu tetap ada. how nice. :') that was the second time walid admitted. the first time was when he gone through an operation due to hernia.

tuuu jeeee, short post isn't it? ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


imma the General Manager at Deserts Galore. ;)

haaa, jangan terkejut. that is our entrepreneurship assignment, we have to create our own business and do the business plan where each of the group members will have their own position.

doakan kejayaan kami semua! terima kasih banyak banyak! hihihi. :D

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