Friday, July 30, 2010


i miss everything, everyone. parents, friends, penang, EVERYTHING!

AND NOWWWW, i wanna cry. but i just cant.

oh come on, kd is stronger than this. right? :s

Sunday, July 25, 2010

hahahahha. NO - title.

helloooo! gila lama xupdate blog kot. dah dkt sebulan. serious rindu nk merapu mrepek kt cni. hehe. :) busy lah. sgt sgt actually.

so skrg dh start class, everyday class mmg full xyah ckp la. blk for lunch je. if class abis kul 4 pun confirm g library pastu ade assignment kna buat. so still, FULL! and of course PENAT! :s

plus now, active dgn event college ckit. hehe..seronok gilaa! jd ad-hoc for JPK. JPK stands for Jwtnkuasa Perwakilan Kolej. busy mmg busy. tp kepuasan when buat certain activity tu mmg syok la. tp still, kna bg balance with study jugak.

and skrg dah ade laptop baru! last week mak dgn walid dtg hntr. bestt gila dpt jumpa mak n walid after a month xjmpa. tp xdpt spend time lama sgt coz i've to go to INDUK UITM utk event MPP, SMF & FRESHIES plak. busy kan? memang! tp seronok. hahaha.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

esok class!

wahahaha! first class dkt uitm. xtau nk rasa apa. selamat maju jaya KD! ouchh, i need this. for my own good. so please, be strong eh Khodijah. :)

mak & walid : I MISS YOU! :')

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