Friday, April 30, 2010

shopping with mummy.

helo everyone!

semalam kan best jugak. g shopping dkt qb dgn mummy. hehe. bli baju tidur and cadar siap siap. actually xplan pun. saja je pegi nk crik brg brg for umrah yg mana xcukup lg. tp tgk tgk mcm suma dah alhamdulillah, complete. xcept for brg ifwat. yg tu kna tunggu dia blk from shah alam la. kna rush bwk dia g bli apa padan patut.

and then smlm, i drove the viva elite to qb. seronok gilaaaa oh! mmg syok. memula nk g tesco sbb igt nk bli mcm mcm shampoo suma tu. tp xjd coz mummy kata p qb la. kita p tgk baju tidur suma. al kisahnya kna bli baju tidur is because dkt rumah mmg sng hati je pkai baby-tee dgn shorts. xkan kat U nnt nk pkai cmtu. MALU XTAU NK LTK MUKA KT MANA KOT! haha. so kna la bli yg proper proper ckit.

and then bila pnt ronda kitorg g duduk kt foodcourt minum minum. pastu dah gained energy, sambung blk jln. hehe. pegi tgk baju lg tp mcm xde yg best so pegi tgk bahagian cadar cadar. bli la dua psg cadar single fitted. *sedih sbnrnya sbb bila dh bli brg brg cmtu, dah terasa sgt nk keluar dah dr rumah ni. xpenah lg bepisah dgn parents. :'(* dah bli cadar, g plak tgk towel. pastu nk bli comforter & bantal tp rasa mcm awl sgt lg. tunggu blk umrah la p shopping blk.

on the way back, singgah dkt hammerbay, tp pegi kt seri pantai bkn hammerbay tu, HAHA, g bli foods for dinner. mmg alhamdulillah la ade parking yg sng. hahaha. kalu x mmg xtau la mati kutu dok dlm keta tu. haha.

so tu je la cita psl smlm. seronok. & today nk g tesco plak ptg nnt. hehe.

oh yaa, gmbr si viva elite ni xpnh ditayang di mana mana lg. tp kat cni since this is my very own blog, presenting - viva elite!

masa dia kt PERODUA DATO' KERAMAT. nak amik dia bwk blk rumah. ksik tmpt perlindungan. hehhe.

masa walid & salesman dok check kereta. =)

okayy itu saja! haf fun people! =D

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dinner at Kenny's Airport.

naaa, it was yesterday evening, pdoih called and asked me whether i wanna follow him & anis for dinner at old town but unfortunately i said no because of limited time i have. need to fetch mum at 10 and we planned to go to visit my grandma after that.

i suggested that if u guys still wanna go for dinner lets go to KRR Airport. hehe. then pdoih agreed. he came and fetched me at home. headed to KRR and had our dinner there. it was fun though. haha. i just dunno why but mayb havent seen both of them for like 2 weeks? haha. :)

met eyka at KRR since she works there.

andddddddd FEW PICS TO SHARE!

encik pdoih dok sms gf kot. HAHA. and cik anis dok belasah ayam. hehe. anis is such a good sister though. haha.

been having a prob to snap our pic due to d lighting. LOL.

waitress of d day- eyka!

then the three of us waited for my mum for about 15-20 mins to finished her work.
*thats d story bout d un-plan dinner yet FUN!

Friday, April 23, 2010

wordsearch as a new hobby.

enjoyable gila! something to do bila xde keja kan. kira brain pun begerak la jugak time time senang lenang ni. hehe. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


hopefully everything is fine. haish. :(

Monday, April 19, 2010

complicated, miserable, messed up!

dear diary,
skrg kan, otak dah bedengung laa. dulu before keputusan matrix kuar, hati ni dah bulat nk g dip. tp skrg, after few things happened, rasa mcm down gila gila gila! masa check dpt matrix ritu, mmg syukur la, kiranya mcm org kata, satu dah ade dlm tgn, tunggu rezeki lain plak, and then plih.

check dkt website upu, result upu dpt awal of may. hopefully awal betul la. i mean before 10th. sbb on d 13th nak g buat umrah. :) 10th tu nk kne daftar for matrix - if i decided to go for it la. tp until now, 3 days after result matrix kuar, memang xde jwpn yg tetap la. asked few people around me, tnya advice diorg which one should i go kan. memang byk advices they gave for BOTH. kiranya dua dua ade pros & cons. cuma ramai kata matrix berat ckit dr dip. sbb dip kan masa dia lama ckit dr matrix so kira belajar xtension sgt.

kalau pegi matrix, memang ctu ramai classmate yg dpt skali kat kuala nerang tu, eyka, shera, fahmi & syed. eyka dgn shera nk pegi. fahmi dgn syed d last time i talked to them, diorg pn xdecide lg. kiranya bla ade kwn tu smgt la ckit. bnda susah jd sng. sbb dah knl diorg kan.

kalau pergi dip. memang langkah sorg sorg la. dlu plan nk g dgn choda tp choda dah buat keputusan nak go for matrix. memang keputusan masing masing la. jealous dgn choda, jap je dah leh buat keputusan. tp nk positivekan mind ni, g mne pun kawan tetap ada. tp tu la. knowing me, susah la nk trust org skrg. kita pun xtau ape yg ada dlm lubuk hati jantung diorg. kalau ade sorg yg sama pun dah kira rahmat la. ade jgak smgt. tp nak wat cmnekan.

so skrg, masih xde keputusan. but deep inside my heart & everytime before tido, minx petunjuk dr ALLAH mcm dah nmpk je nk plih yg mana. tp still nk fikir betul betul. takut salah pilih jalan. menyesal xguna plak nanti. dah la mak dgn walid dah xde anak dah after me. m d last one standing. hehe. :) so mmg nk buat keputusan utk kebaikan semua.

oh ya, in my family campur tolak darab bahagi cousins suma, mostly go for dip. ade yg masuk matrix a month je. xtahan pressure and then dia kuar go maktab perguruan. ramai jugak jd pelarian cmtu. mcm xthn. tu yg i went around tnya diorg betul betul kan.(i asked ppl who went to matrix) tp ade jugak yg suruh go matrix sbb save masa. after kira kira, kira total save a year la. tp tula, pendapat masing masing. mana tau if i go matrix, i can stand d pressure kan. thanks a lot sbb sudi share. br lah bleh get some rough ideas kan. :)

mak dgn walid mmg serah bulat bulat for me to decide. diorg xnak influenced. tp they did give me lotsa advices. thanks mum & dad sbb u guys didnt let me HANYUT alone. hehe.

so now, its either matrix or diploma. insya'Allah keputusan tu akan wujud la few days lg. hehe. harap sgt result diploma kuar before 10th.

p/s : if dapat diploma, minx minx la tmpt tu best best. :)

big huge thanks!

special thanks to YOLANDE TANG GER MAIN for removing that stupid undefined undefined thingy that pop out everytime i post something. :s

<3 you yo yo!

and thanks to NURLIYANA AMIRAH for trying so hard to removed that stupid thing jugak. but unfortunately yana pun xtau how nk buat. hehe. btw, thanks! :)

and agaiiinnn. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D

Saturday, April 17, 2010

reunion. :)

after nearly 4 months since last dec, half of d elitism gathered together. oh my god. God knows how much i miss you guys. those beautiful memories we had, are priceless. it will not b d same again because we were not in d class, chit chatting when theres no teacher, share those foods that we bought or brought. :')

few pictures to share. :D

geng KUALA NERANG. haha!

p/s : bapak, for d first time, for the class gathering/reunion, u were not here with us. we will always pray for you. we miss you, pak. :(

Friday, April 16, 2010


to go or not to go? :(

you drive me crazy.

i just cant think.

i just cant make d right decission.

oh GOD.

please please HELP ME!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

little baby - Emporio Armani

presenting my newborn lil baby - emporio armani. =D

p/s : whats d diff between georgio armani & emporio armani? :s

Monday, April 12, 2010

my newborn baby sunnies.

mummy bought a new sunnies for me! went to qb just now, had lunch there at pizza hut then we headed straight to focus point to get sunnies for me. ;) unfortunately, i found out that the sunnies there wasnt nice because its kinda long and i felt uncomfortable wearing it. :(

so, we decided to go to optical 88, (alaa, kedai sblh kedai jam dkt qb tu. HAHA! yg same level dgn focus point tu. :p) awww, a malay guy, whom i considered as good looking approached us. haha. so hes d one yang dgn pnuh kesabaran layan-ing me! haha. kept on smiling whenever i said anything and layan je i ckp ape pun. haha. since mum and dad was busy picking up d phone and etc. so tinggallah saya dgn that guy je. quite shy la kan trying those sunnies in front of him alone. HAHAHA! nahh, at first i decided to take d RAY BAN but somehow, i felt like trying d EMPORIO ARMANI. ask him to take d sunnies in the so called *almari kaca* haha. fall in love with d EMPORIO ARMANI, and have dis 50-50 feeling. which one to choose.

ask dad, he said both was okay. mum said that so. ask him, he said, if we r talking bout the lenses quality then ray ban is good but d pattern biasa je. but if we r talking bout d style then emporio armani. kept on trying these two sunnies smp pening and mum said, take d EMPORIO ARMANI la. ade gaya ckit. =D

so there it was, story of the day. EMPORIO ARMANI SUNNIES is now belongs to me. thanks a lot mum & dad. for EVERYTHING! =D

owh, did i tell you he gave discounts and also free gift? oh yes. he did! =)

p/s : i am now patiently waiting for the car to arrived. soon baby, soon. haha. mayb this week or next week. awww, pretty late. :(

Sunday, April 11, 2010


ngehehe. nama dia sgt plik okay. PINGBOX! allrite, as always, after feeling creepy damn bored, pegi la visit friends blog.

mmg dah lama plan nk letak chatbox dkt blog pastu ttiba nmpk je si pingbox ni. trus la ltk. pndai pndai je plih d skin n everything. hhahaha. n tadaaaaa. and now i have pingbox! LOL.

so yeah, feel free to chat with me allrite. haha. at my bloggie pingbox. =) cool!

Monday, April 5, 2010


OH MY GOD. after like err, almost 5 years? or more i seriously forgot that slurpee really exist. HAHA. one day, i mean one HOT day, m feeling freaking thirsty n then i was thinking its good to have something really cold to drink.

SUDDENLY, 'maaaa, slurpee! lama xminumm! can we go and buy? haha.'

on the way back from teluk kumbar, we went to 7E near my house to get slurpee. HEAVEN!

one for mummy & daddy and one for me. but at last we end up sharing these 2 slurpees together. aww, aint that lovely? HAHA.

Friday, April 2, 2010

when she cooks.

*refering to d title above* oh YES. i seriously CAN cook. haha.

cooked fish curry for lunch today. reaction was AWESOME. d taste was AWESOME too.

and i am seriously HAPPY that i can actually cook. =)

p/s : maybe some of u dont know that my mum and i are doing cakes business. =) ALHAMDULILLAH, every week there will b an(or more than one) order(s).
THANKS SO MUCH TO THOSE WHO ORDERED. may god bless you. =)

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