Saturday, June 16, 2012

Simple Goodbye.

Hello lovely people. i am currently in Shah Alam. just registered college yesterday and now err, m doing nothing.

oh for this second intersession, i'll be staying in Puncak's college (Kolej Jasmine) but the class will be in UiTM Shah Alam. they will provide us with 5 busses everyday for our trip. naaaaah, sukee takkk? penat taaakk? its okay. bersusah susah dahulu bersenang lenang goyang kaki kemudian je. ;) in fact if u ask me, the most tiring semester, the answer will be the 4th sem. penat cam nak tegolek golek. but Alhamdulillah, now just left with another two subjects and insya'Allah, im done with Diploma.

so, after this im sure that this blog will not be that active, i wont update that much kot. yes la kite mesti nnt busy oh no! tp xpee, demi masa depan yang cemerlang diserikan dengan bulan bintang, ku sanggup mengharunginya. *drama je lebih*

okay tu je, goodbye for now. :D

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tea Time.

Venue : Secret Recipe, Queensbay Mall.
Flat White Coffee.
Daddy Cool.
Clockwise : Choc Fudge, Choc Cheese Berries, Mango Delight
Mummy Poko.

 I love them both, forever. They taught me the real meaning of LIFE.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

These are what im good at. ;)

Assalamualaikum! before i proceed, this post is not a bangga diri post okay people. I warned you awal awal sebab tak nak lah terlambat, kang korang dah bukak mulut mengata, berdosa pulekks.*hihi joking  
therefore, this is only meant for sharing, nothing more or....less. ;)

Some people are good at cooking, some are good at baking, and not to forget mengemas. I have no problems at cooking and baking, TAK HEBAT but i dont mind doing it sebab sangat suka pergi dapur, bukak api berlagak masterchef but I dont really like to clean up all the dusts and dirts and urgh. okay enough. sebab lepas tu nanti terbersin tersakit terallergy sebab kita kan kanak kanak special yang doctor cakap tak boleh pegang habuk debu dan kotoran LOLOL. maafkan kita, kita terover. but dont get me wrong, bukannya when kita cakap tak suka mengemas tu kita tak kemas langsung, tidak! kita kemas jugak cuma tak suka. kalau boleh upah orang kita dah upah oi! cuma kalau buat jugak upah upah tu memang menunjukkan sisi kemalasan, ketidaksopanan serta kebukananakdaraan lah kan! hah baca kau. hihi.

Therefore, here i am just to share, a lil bit of what im good at.

This is Moist Chocolate Cake. Mummy saya yang ayu, (serious saya tak tipu memang mummy saya nama ayu) she taught me how to bake this yummy chocolate cake. Mak kita buat business jugak kek kek ni haa, and the picture above, we did it all. from the cake, to the choc topping and the choc pieces on top of it. 100% homemade.

Say Hello to Chocolate Chips Muffin. :) Ini pun mummy kita buat business. haiyaa business minded betul itu ayu.
Lovely Shepherds Pie. Just, Lovely.
Puding Caramel. lol, sapa tak tau kan. ;p
Chocolate Chips Brownies.
Well well well, sayalah pavlova!
Chocolate Orange Marble Cake.
Orange Cake. Kegemaran nenek nenek di kampung yang gemarkan kek secukup rasa, tidak manis, dan rasa nyaman. what orange nyaman? oh why not. *eh kd ni mak tak buat business ke?* OF COURSE LA YES. ni pun business. ;)
Dont laugh. nama kek ini is Black Bottom Cupcake. why? i dont know, google pun memang akan keluar nama dia begitu. jadi terimalah dgn hati terbuka. the bottom is chocolate moist cake, while the not so black atas tu is cream cheese. Delicious! psstt, ni belum business lagi.

I guess you know its name. Hey, Im Red Velvet. Previous post, i wrote about RV. do scroll down if you would like to read. ;)

 Cooking and Baking are my passion. I love to do both tapi as you can see, memang tidak syak lagi im more into baking. hihi. nak masak lauk pauk tak pro lagi u knoww tapi boleh la untuk nak hidup.. but im learning untuk jadi lebih comel lagi di masa hadapan. kahkah merepek je. so i guess thats all for now. ;) goodbye lovely people!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

my ladies. love.

these two ladies, I've known them since I was 7. :')
and just now, we went out to have lunch together at Pappa Rich e-Gate. we spent few hours sitting there and seriously we had fun. we did nothing except for makan and cakap and cakap and cakap and sambung makan balik but urgh, i just love hanging out with them. :')

cik kak anis yang sibuk bercerita. :p
cik kak farah yang khusyuk dengar. hihi
and i pray to God that this friendship will lasts forever. love.

Friday, June 8, 2012

3 hours.

*i let it fall, my heart and as it fell u rose to claim it* (bunyi ringtone lah!)

 KD : hello na! whats up?
Yana : KD! free tak khamis?
KD : for now free. kenapa? coming over ke?
Yana : yeah! boleh tak tolong ambil I dekat terminal bas?
KD : ohh boleh je. dekat tettt je dengan rumah. no problem. what time?
Yana : 2 something. 2.30 la senang. nanti pape I text you.
KD : okay babe!

and yesterday was Thursday. fetched this young lady at Terminal. Pity Yana shes not feeling so well. Asked her what to have for lunch and she said, 'can we go to Deen Nasik Kandaq?' ;) so i drove to Deen and we had our lunch there.

Next was, whats for desserts? ;D

 This is nuuuna! i mean, Yana. :)
Yours Truly. :)

after chit-chatting, we get into the car to send nuuuuna to her grandma's.
and oh! it was nice meeting you here in my hometown babe! ;)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Guess who went to Penang Hill today?


it was my second time though. the first time, urgh i couldnt remember when. (maybe masa sekolah rendah zaman hingusan kot. hihi) so the excitement was double triple this time. it was such a last minute plan since mummy wanted to organise or planned some activities for me during my semester break and therefore she came out with this idea. "To Bukit Bendera We Go!"

Walid saya cakap saya macam monyet belakang tu. comel tak Walid saya? :')

 The New Train uols!
 and yes, it was raining. Picture taken when we were in the train. Bestnyaa!

on top of the hill. beautiful kan?

ada geliga dekat bukit bendera oh! can u seee?
 Masjid Bukit Bendera under renovation!

Daughter and Daddy at the Cafe.
this is an old post box. mula bertapak di situ since 1818. and the picture above : Walid in his British mode. ;)

Mummy & Daddy on buggy.

nampak tak Penang Bridge? kita nampak! :D

Titi Gantung yang dah tua. dah tak digunakan lagi pun.

Daughter & Mummy in the train on the waaaay back!

and that was it. a lil piece from Penang Hill or nama glamour, Bukit Bendera. ;) it was such a memorable experience and im looking forward for the next trip! nanti boleh la bersenang lenang goyang kaki dalam train oo yeahh! hihi. not to worry, the place is so nice since they have renovated and upgraded most of the part and services there. 


Monday, June 4, 2012

why do we have to take intersession.

Assalamualaikum! :)

i wanted to write on this such a loooong time ago, but only today i managed to really sit and write and steal some of my leisure time to complete this post. good girl kd ;)

just like everyone knew, i am currently pursuing my Diploma in Accountancy (Fast Track). so now, what is Fast Track all about? and what does intersession has to do with this Fast Track Programme?

Fast Track means, we are given 2 years to complete our Diploma compared to normal track where they are expected to complete their Diploma within 3 years. so as we can see, FT can help us to save a year (tetapi dugaan melanda bila ribut taufan jangan disebut lah kan! hectic!)

so now the question is, how to save a year with this fast track programme?

and the answer will be : we have to take EIGHT subjects every sem with minimum credit hours of 21 and we have intersessions.

for some students, they take intersessions simply because they dropped few subjects or they failed certain subjects. but for us, it is a MUST for us to take intersessions to complete our diploma. not because we failed ke, we purposely drop ke, no. memang dah sejak azali lagi for the fast track programme, we HAVE intersessions and each intersession consists of 2 subjects and must be done during semester break (comel tak?). but for the picture above (received that piece of paper during MDS-first semester 2 years ago), stated that we have to take 1st intersession after 2nd sem but we did not because there was this change of schedule. so the intersession has been brought forward after 4th sem and now i just finished my 1st intersession and waiting to complete my 2nd intersession in July and its over. Insya'Allah. :)

so for those who has been asking the same questions over and over again on what is intersession etc, i hope this post somehow can help me in answering your questions. thank you lovely people!

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