Sunday, January 4, 2009

school school school !

haissh..i dun want to go to serously..
im not ready for d SPM thingy.. :(
gila takut..yg amaatt..
so wish me luck for the year 2009..may i could go through this year successfully..: =)
do pray for me aite..thank yoouu!

* im goin to prepare myself for tomorrow..* *-*

Saturday, January 3, 2009

a BUSY day!

helo everyone! was such a busy day..i dun hv the chance to hv rest since early in the morning...
at 7.30 am, i hv to go to sch bcoz i hv sum task to b done..
came back at 12.30..had lunch and prepared myself to go to taiping..
at 3.00 pm..we went to taiping..and we reached home at 9.00 pm!
oh my godd..i am very very TIRED! :( *-*

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