Saturday, December 22, 2012

Birthday Shoutout!


having you as my brother is one of the greatest gifts that i ever had. we always have each other's back through ups and downs and i have no one else except you. you are my akhi kabeer, ukhti kabeer and not to forget u can be akhi soghir at times. :p to the one and only sibling i have, a very happy birthday to you!

from, KHOJAH.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Khojah is a big girl now!

Assalamualaikum! :)

ready for a loooooong entry with full of pictures? heheh so here we go!

an entry on another achievement in my life. another step to what i called ...



after two years (plus minus), all the hardworks, mengeluh pun banyak, nangis pun banyak, it has come to an end. i know ramai orang cakap ala diploma je pun tp org org sekalian tak baik cakap macam tu because we grad with style, we grad with pride, we grad with 2 years of diploma instead of 3, we've gone through so much. orang cuti, kita xcuti. orang amik subject skit skit kita amik mcm gila punya banyak. orang punya credit hours belas belas we took 21 the minimum 24 the maximum. it was hard. BUT, Im glad that i managed to face it. Alhamdulillah. :)

26th November 2012 was the day. Parents, big brother, Maktok came all the way from Penang to attend my convo. they stayed quite long this time since Ifwat's convo was on 28th November. double triple happiness sbb dapat share istiadat yang sama dgn abang. and not to forget Ella pun convo jugak on 2nd December. so that was why i posted a status on FB saying that rasa mcm we conquered Istiadat Convo this time. haha. and i attended all! =D

Nervous. Happy. Excited. was the feelings i had. im happy that i managed to put a smile on my family's faces. i just love them. i wanna make them happy for everything that i had done. i dont care if i was damn tired before if the outcome will be the best of all. and family, this is for you.
Diploma in Accountancy (Fast Track) with Vice Chancellor's Award. Alhamdulillah!

few days before 26th Nov, i planned to have a photoshoot with classmates because believe it or not, thru our ups and downs, friends are important. they are the one nearest to you because you surely cant reached ur parents dekat kampung immediately kan. mesti nmpk muka kwn kwn dulu. hehe so the point is, kejayaan anda ialah kejayaan rakan rakan bersama. tanpa mereka siapalah kita. hehehehe ;) SOOO HERE ARE OUR PICTURES FROM THE MINI PHOTOSHOOT!

AC110 4A. Classmates from Part 1-Part 4.
alolo comelnya semua. formal la tu konon. hehe.
Bila mak dah tak dapat control anak2, mak cakap 'okay anak anak buat huruf A!"
Candid! Ketcha macam ketua koir. haha! Fee tutup muka air liur cha menyembur ke babe? :p
How can i not love them. Each of them has their own funny character. most of the pictures dah upload dekat FB so sini banyak gambar yang tak ada la eh. hehe. variety skit kononnyaa. dah ada gambar with friends mestila nk letak gambar with my strength, my love, my backbones, my everything.

Mum & Dad.
Abang kita yang malu kena kiss. Haha! dia tahan dgn bunga. cis!
the day after, i skipped class. nasib ada satu class je pagi tu so family and I terus pergi hotel UiTM pagi tu for a family photoshoot. buat sekali dengan ifwat. yay! tapi gambar belum sampai lagi. nanti dah sampai buat post lain pulak okay? :)

so to conclude, ecece karangan blog kita pun ada conclusion jugak okay! hehe. back to my conclusion, Alhamdulillah syukur, kita mintak kejayaan, Allah bagi, kita mintak kegembiraan, Allah bagi. Trust Him, Always do'a for the best. Allah is always by your side. Alhamdulillah. :')

# now struggling for Bachelor of Accountancy (Hons).

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