Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hello People!

since it has been ages, (amboi ages okay padahal bpe bulan je pun) i did not post anything here, so here it goes. some snapshots since saya M.I.A ye kawan kawan. marilah lihat gambar campur aduk rojak pasemboq.

these are some of the stuffs i bought using 1 Malaysia Voucher. :)

told ya, my place is unique. seriously. so whenever lampu blink blink, just get ready akan blackout and no phone coverage as well as internet connection thru broadband. so unfortunately, i need to prepare for my forum, and thanks to Walid's torchlight. you can see some effort dont you? hihi

thank you Lela for this. cantik kan dia buat? hehe

one day while completing our group assignments, diorg ajak buat waffle since fee's sis bg waffle maker dkt dia. had this with honey. daapppnyaaa.

this is our business plan. La Desserts Galore.

my first time and im excited to the max!

half of d bekalan air bila semua kelam kabut cakap s.alam xde air. Alhamdulillah, puncak ade je air. mungkin org nk sekat air tu rasa kesian kt ktorg kan, dah la berada di puncak, selalu blackout, ni xnk bg air pulak. hehehe

ikah's bday party!

and ikah terkejut tengok sign toilet ni sbb orang xde kepala. haha.

that are some of d snapshots taken while m away. i do miss blogging. currently sitting for final exam, left with another paper and will head back to Penang in no time. hopefully will update more during the not so long holiday. hehe, take care lovely people.

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