Friday, April 27, 2012

and when i smile.

Assalamualaikum! regarding my previous post, i know some of you might be wondering 'perempuan ni nervous kenapa sampai tetiba nak comfortkan diri duduk bawak ketiak mak bapak lg'..hihihi. nothing much BUT~!


and that was the reason why m feeling pretty much nervous with all those butterflies butter without flies firefly in my stomach. only GOD knows how worried i am to click 'print result' button. first thing that popped out in my head was :-

 *what will my parents' reactions/feelings if i did not score. (sesungguhnya saya fikir mak bapak saya je beb!, kite takut sungguh kalu mereka sedih hihi)

BUT, Alhamdulillah, Syukur Ya Allah. Tuhan sekali lagi beri saya dan keluarga merasai kemanisan hidup. (ewah ayat) :') i was so happy back then till when i called my parents to inform them my result, i was whispering! suara tak keluaq! LOL ME. and FYI, this is my very first time checking the result without them by my side. if last time, everytime after i checked, i'll scream then they will rushed to my room. but now no more, aku lah tgk, aku lah sebak sorg sorg, patu terbengong kejap 'eh nak buat ape ni' 'eh tak mandi lagi kejap lg class' 'eh mak bapak xbgtau lg' ;eh jom amik telefon kite kejut diorg bgn cpt cpt' dan so many eh(S) after that. hehe :)

and during class, i received a phone call.
guess from who? ...........BIG BRO KITE LAH!

i went out from the class and talk to him. what other things could he asked. mestila tanya dapat ape kan. and so i said 'Alhamdulillah' he replied 'aku xmau dgq ayat skema. aku nak tau number tu' heheh. i was laughing and saya pun bgtau la dia. if last time, i used to call him to let him know but today kelam kabut sikit since i was rushing to class, igt balik br nak call but he must be excited to know. ;p

i asked for a present from him and he said OKAY. NNT AKU BG CHOKI CHOKI OR LOLIPOP. =_=' AND AGAIN, ALHAMDULILLAH YA ALLAH. :') i keep on reminding myself not to be super excited because i still have intersessions left. :)
 * esok kite nak pegi Port Dickson rumah kawan kite. kite pegi dgn housemates kite. :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


sometimes, there are people who asked stupid question. to choose between mum & dad which i believe YOU CAN NEVER CHOOSE EITHER ONE. both of them are ONE. they are the one who will stand right behind you, to support you no matter what, to give you strength and love.

but you know, sometimes people tend to forget that DAD plays important roles in your life. not just your mum though. some of you might not have good relationship with your DAD but believe me, you should try to re-build. to have such a good relationship with DAD is so much fun just like having a good relationship with your mum. because just like i mentioned, THEY ARE ONE. stay connected with BOTH not just either one. :')

Saturday, April 21, 2012

saya cuma nak cakap saya rindu hidup berempat bersama keluarga saya. :( saya cuma nak cakap saya nak pergi holiday dengan mereka. saya cuma nak minta tolong lah bagi cuti saya sama dgn abang saya. :D

Thursday, April 19, 2012


we had meeting, we planned, we discussed, we laughed and we came out with a great decisions for the class party.

the menu was :-
Spaghetti Bolognese by Ihsan & KD.
BBQ Chicken & Coleslaw by Ayesha's mum.
Sandwiches by Kaiyisah, Fee & Yana.
Pudding by KD.
Lychee Syrup by everyone. (hihi)
Sausages, Crab meat, Wedges by everyone. (hehe)

Place where we did all the cooking was at Pinat's house. thank you mucho pinat.

These people helped us with the cooking - thank you eija, nisa. :)

People yang kecoh di supermarket dengan dua buah troley yang penuh barang xlain xbukan - KD, Kaiyisah, Ihsan, Fee, Ayesha, Adie. - TANPA KITA SIAPALAH GIANT. okay fine. haha.

and the others who helped us at the faculty masa tgh buat preparation - you guys are the best sebab korang comel comel belaka sanggup berhujan berpanas berteduh di dalam kereta bersama sama. ;')

fee & eija. :)

this is pinat. :)

nampak tak Ihsan and I dkt belakang tu tgh gigih buat bolognese. :D


Alhamdulillah everything went well. ada yang gelabah sikit awal2 since hujan rintik rintik air bergelora, tapi okay je semua since we managed to get a place utk menyelamatkan diri dan memulakan operasi membakar ayam ayam tersebut di dalam gelap berbekalkan torchlight from adie's phone. :')

the games was FUN! hahaha, up till now bila teringat mesti nanti gelak sorang sorang.

and it was one memorable moment. thank you lovely people.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

my body not your body so dont be busybody!

i am not angry. im just fed up. irritated. can people around me for once just keep quiet and stop complaining/commenting/talk/ridicule how my body looks like? just, shut up. i dont ask for your money to pay my meals. i dont ask you to look at my FAT body. i dont ask you to comment on how do i look. so please. just think of how i felt when people keep on talking about how fat am i compared to few years back. why suddenly i increased my weight etc etc. hello come on! mind your own business! and mind your own body as well. thank you.

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