Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rest in Peace Sir..

It was one shocked moment in my life when i heard u passed away.
Im very much grateful to be one of your students.
To be taught by you.
To learn things from you.
Because you did not only taught us physics and chemistry but you also taught us how to live a life.
To be happy even when sadness strikes.
To smile even when we have problems ahead us.
To strive for the best.
To be patient in any situation.
I learned that from you.

and when i heard that u'r gone, i was shocked. and when i burst into tears, i cried because i lost one great teacher, brother and friend. it was such a great lost for me, for us your students. and all those memories we had together keep on playing in my mind up till now. your jokes, your laugh, your words. im gonna miss you, really.

To my dearest Sir Sudhir, Rest in Peace because i believe you'll be put in a better place up there. 

Much love,
your naughty student who loves to talk, Khodi.

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