Saturday, July 26, 2008


i love famous amos gummies so mucho..but u noe..its not actually gud 4 health bcoz it contains gelatine..:( but i still eat it..its juz once in aa bluuee moonn..hee..:) *-*

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i am a doc!

nuthin much laa today..still havin skool td pun like im juz tryin to make myself hepi eventhough mmg seksa gila..den juz now i have successfully jd doc pakar jerawat! haha..

Al kisah..
ade la seorg manusia (identitinya dirahsiakan) yg mempunyai jerawat..yg sebijik..geram ah kan its been sooo sooo long but d pimple is still there..den tnya la org tu..nape xbuang..bcoz dh cm bleh tarik keluar kan..den saya sbg seorg doc yg bertauliah membuat cubaan berani dlm membuang jrwt tersebut..
stlh dipicit..ditarik..baru leh kuar..haha..tu pun cian gila bdk tu..hehe..agak lama jugak cubaan tersebut..dlm 10 min..hee.. sekian sahaja cerita ttg manusia berjerawat sbijik tersebut..hee..:)*-*

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


demam..:( patu patu..xg skolah..huhu..boring gila..n suddenly jdik gla rajin..completekan all d hw yg xwat g tu..except for account bcoz its very memeningkan..or shud i say im d 1 who make it complicated sdgkan dat thing xssh mne pun..hee..;) dah aa..mahu rest...*-*

Saturday, July 19, 2008

stress + miserable? is..!

helo people..wahh.. nah..juz wanna screamm outt louudd!!! uurrghhh!!
im freakin stressed..i had dis really bad day..everythin juz happened to b messed up..
dis mornin b4 d hari anugerah start, i din feel anythin but when my name was called out 4 d 2nd time,(d 1st time was ok) omg nk tkeluar kpala lutut ah wif d kain yg mamdassalam n i end up wif walkin like 1 of d teletubbies members..agak kalut..hahah..(teletubbies kalut ke? ) dgn tgn sjuk..ketaq..urrghh.. hee...

patu wutever i did 2day cm xkna je..(actually not juz 2day but it seemed to b from d last few days) xtau aa pe xkna..patu cm ade shot shot ckit ngan certain ppl n makes my life more n more miserable..*-*

Friday, July 18, 2008

First Date: Do's and Don'ts..

  1. Be yourself and relax: People know when you put on an act. So, do not ruin your chances with your date. Besides, if you are comfortable, your date will feel more at ease too.

  2. Dress for the occasion: Dress to look good and feel comfortable. Always arrive well groomed. Rushing to a date from work looking disheveled is not the best way to begin. If there is no alternative, take a few minutes to freshen up, calm down, compose yourself, and relax before you approach your date.

  3. Be polite and courteous: Impolite remarks or impatient behavior is offensive. Show respect for and towards your date. If you are a smoker ask whether it is ok to smoke and do not blow smoke in their face.

  4. Be a good Listener: When you listen carefully, the conversation flows along. Do not ask too many personal questions.

  5. Choose your food with care: Find out about your date's food preferences before meeting. You might want to choose your menu with more care.

  6. Do not be too pushy at the end of the date: Read the situation. If you have been having a good time you might want to give a quick kiss or a hug, but going any further on the first date usually gives off all the wrong signals. It might seem as if you are desperate or as if you are only after one thing. And thank your date for a nice time.

  7. Do not get drunk: Keep your limit in mind.

  8. Do not mention your last boyfriend/girlfriend six hundred times: Do not mention your past romantic liaisons. It just comes off as insecurity. Your date is with you because she finds some value in you. You do not need to point out the fact that all in fact, desires you.

  9. Do not assume that he/she will pay: No matter who invites whom, it is always a nice gesture to offer to pay for half the check.

  10. The most important tip: Date safe. And do not rush into intimacy. It will give you something to look forward to on future dates. is just for fun..nuthin much..*-*


psstt..lagu sahabat by aizat, permintaan hati and sebelum cahaya by letto best gila..
n here is d sahabat's lyric..:)

Sahabat…mengapa kau pergi
Tinggal aku sendiri
Kau tahu ku tak sanggup

Sahabat…ingat lah kau slalu
Jadi yang terbaik
Walau kau tak disini lagi

Sahabat…aku rindu padamu
Datang walau sesaat
Ku ingin kan kau hadir

Aku disini dan menunggu
Diam tanpa dirimu
Kau tahu ku tak bisa
Beranjak terbang dan melayang
tanpa diri mu ku tak bisa dan kembalilah *-*

Sunday, July 13, 2008

*Trip to Cameron* (d last 2 weeks trip)

roses roses i love you..

we r siblings..:)

at palas tea plantation..

Saturday, July 12, 2008


a tiring day..last night we went for a kenduri..its not actually a kenduri but i tink it is more to a dinner..its our neighbour's son who juz got married..n yah..i hv to be d pemberi bunga telur (it was not a bunga telur but a handky..;p) since they dun really hv relatives n i really dun mind doin it..;)..(tp makcik2 yg byk songeh tu..aduh..seksa..xdpt handky pn bcing..sbr je la..) n dis mornin as usual i went to d math ttn..lg pning eventhough there is no reason 4 it..hurrmm..n after i reached home..i hv dis idea of makin cream puff..dgn pnuh smgtnya prepared all those ingredients but at last..aih..xjadi!! sedih gak but i take it as xde rezeki..wahh..ttiba je..hee..n i really hope dat 2moro i can redo dat cream puff again..*-*


haha..i dont even believe dat now i hv my own blog..never feel like want it tgk org ade blog likee wutt? blog?? cm xde pape pun..hheee..but now like since i hv a new hobby (which is writing or typing..hee..) den i tink dat i really need a blog..bleh la mluahkan prasaan if like i am soo daring to xpress my feelings here..; ) a start..i tink its enough 4 till next posting yah..*-*

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