Friday, June 8, 2012

3 hours.

*i let it fall, my heart and as it fell u rose to claim it* (bunyi ringtone lah!)

 KD : hello na! whats up?
Yana : KD! free tak khamis?
KD : for now free. kenapa? coming over ke?
Yana : yeah! boleh tak tolong ambil I dekat terminal bas?
KD : ohh boleh je. dekat tettt je dengan rumah. no problem. what time?
Yana : 2 something. 2.30 la senang. nanti pape I text you.
KD : okay babe!

and yesterday was Thursday. fetched this young lady at Terminal. Pity Yana shes not feeling so well. Asked her what to have for lunch and she said, 'can we go to Deen Nasik Kandaq?' ;) so i drove to Deen and we had our lunch there.

Next was, whats for desserts? ;D

 This is nuuuna! i mean, Yana. :)
Yours Truly. :)

after chit-chatting, we get into the car to send nuuuuna to her grandma's.
and oh! it was nice meeting you here in my hometown babe! ;)

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