Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another Step.


i would like to share with all of you, behind the scene and during the scene (eceaa) after being nominated to be an AFTAS President. hehe.

first of all, i am now officially the Vice President 1 for AFTAS. :) Alhamdulillah.

So let us start dengan behind the scene dulu la eh. it was a wonderful Saturday evening when i received a text message from previous president of AFTAS to lemme know about the nomination. the way i replied his message was...yes funny. im sure he thought that m one of the weird person he ever met in his entire life. :p tak kisah lar uols. tak sangka langsung to tell you the truth, i started from zero, went for the interview for PR post and lastly nominated to be President. kau gila siapa tak terkejut. tapi tu semua kan kerja Allah, He knows what is best for us. :) Alhamdulillah.

After the message tragedy (eceaa), i sat down quietly thinking of what am i supposed to do next. then i decided to let the crews know about it, amik phone, type message pemberitahuan. hehehe. their reactions was amazing. grateful to have such supportive friends, diorang bersungguh gila. ask me to just sit down and focus on manifesto and they'll do the rest. hahaha which yes, THEY DID! diorang yang berkempen, diorang yang bersemangat came out with all fantastic ideas, thank you loves.

so i hereby revealing to you the behind the scene pictures of the campaign. haha.

First picture. rejected sebab tak nampak words. hehe

Second picture. i have no objection but the crews have better ideas which are ..
Yes, to take Obama picture and do it exactly with different caption. haha. memang part ni kelakar gila sebab caption diorg merapu rapu.

nampak tak kemerapuan mereka? LOL next!
another one. haha!
so can you see from where they get it from? :p
Lastly, we chose the picture with the 'CHANGE' tagline since i love to say the word change that much kot. kalau ade yang rajin baca my blog pun, i always use the word change. hmmphh.

Last minute campaign!

So that was a lil bit from behind the scene. 3rd April 2013, the day when i actually had to stand in front of hundreds of people and voiced out my manifesto. it feeeeels soo good to finally given a chance to hold the mic again after some time (mic is my bestfriend from secondary school till now. forever and always hahaha since i lovve MC-ing job so much) given 3 minutes to talk, rasa macam eh 3 minit ni macam mana ni sebut nama sendiri pun dah seminit hahaha. but it went well Alhamdulillah!

During the scene ..

With Kimi calon pres jugak. (he is now VP2 of AFTAS)
These people. i just cant repay their kindness. diorang yang all out before the AGM buat ribbon merah for KD's supporters. :') thank you loves.
Khojah bagi manifesto.
Congratulations everybody! From right Dahiyah (Internal Affairs), Amjad (President), Hakimi (VP2) & KD (VP1)
And now, apart from being a part 5 Accounting student, i am also belong to ...

All praises to Allah for giving me great opportunities. I am very much happy and grateful with my life now. new environment, new surrounding, meeting with new people (just like what i love to do) and another step for me to gain new experience in life. Alhamdulillah. This is definitely not a burden to me but a responsibility that i will carry for this one year period.

Thank you for your support, your vote and trust. Wish me luck in my future undertakings.

much love,

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