Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eye Candy.

hello everybody! just came back from my 1st vacation for this semester break. ohh what can i say, i just love it. much. yes! :D


hmm.. :)

alkisah since i was small, my brother and i always have this one excitement when we entered airport, plane and met the people there. maybe sebab mak walid kerja situ and we know like most of em. i just love to see the pilot, steward & stewardess and of course klau on vacay memang lagi best because u are in d plane with em kaaaan. hahhaha (but not all la kan sometimes ada yg kerek jugak these people) so lets talk about the selected ones. :p

so since i always travel back and forth penang-subang before this by firefly, and dah lama tak naik MAS, bila nk pegi vacay ni mmg over excited because we know the quality they have compared to other airlines. (not being bias but well just experience it yourself though)

so cerita dia sng je, bila nak pergi tu niat dlm hati dah terpesong mana hala :p (nak jumpa eye candy) namun begitu, dalam setiap permintaan tak selalu dimakbulkan. haha. nak dipendekkan cerita masa pergi tak jumpa sesiapa. sobs.

hari kepulangan telah pun tiba, so i told my mum 'ma, mintak mintak la jumpa steward handsome' siap hembus hembus lagi fuh kiri fuh kanan. daan dengan itu, cerita tidak selalunya sedih, masuk flight my mum yg called me, 'tu kat depan, B-' i looked in front and oohhh ni bukan B- ni A punya manusia. hahaha!

and many good things happened after that :)

insyaAllah another trip coming soon, see you!

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