Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just cant wait for Friday ~

Na Na Na Na Na ~
guess who is happily spending her time in Penang? ME! :')

im now on my semester break. err ya ke semester break. i dont know what type of break i should call this but i just finished all my Diploma papers yall. im grateful that ive been given a chance to sit and to complete my Diploma. Alhamdulillah. so now, im waiting for the offer letter for degree. hopefully everything goes well. All is well. :) one week had passed since my last paper. im just hoping for the best, seriously. the last 2 papers was as hard as err stone? fine kd fine. craaaaap. tough one.

as for now, im just staying at home. spending all my leisure time to watch Dejavu di Kinabalu on tonton. kahkahkah. belasah je la labuuu. (emo lebih tgk cerita tu okay!) annnnnd tomorrow, on Friday, my mum & I will start our kuih raya mission.. at least, yes at least i have something meaningful something good to do rather than wasting my time doing unnecessary things. (unnecessary means, unnecessary. do google to find the exact meaning. hihi)

and now i think my neighbour is baking her kuih raya. i can smell. allright people. ciao!


Once Upon a Time said...

as a huge fan of biscuit nescafe, nk tnya tis year Mak buat biscuits for sale x?

if ada pls pm me on fb ke, nk order sbb xde biskut nescafe setanding u'olls punya kt mana2 pun!

Khodijah Shamsul said...

hello kak zera! heheh. mak buat business lagi but not sure if ada biskut nescafe ke tak this year. esok kd tnya okay and will let u know. :)

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