Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Something New!

Hello hello! I just downloaded this app from Google Play. I can easily update my blog thru phone! Yaa I know im kind of backdated but who cares. I just found out this app. Hihi.

But of course there are few disadvantages where I cant view my whole blog (i can just update), I cant change font colour, font size and font type. However, looking at the bright side, I dont have to transfer pictures taken thru phone to my laptop nemore! I can just click add picture and its done! Wuuuuu. Happy. I can also directly snap pic and upload. Comel ah. ;)

So I guess thats all for now. Enjoy my jakun-ness people!


syahidah fazil said...

app apa kd?

Khodijah Shamsul said...

blogger. hehehe. best weh. p dwld cpt.

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