Friday, January 14, 2011

Little Things Since Day 1.

the title is enough for you to know that this post will be super long. haha. okay mayb i'll cut it short by putting more pictures. awesome that way. =D

soooo, here we go. first day, which means on 2nd Jan 2011, d day dat i registered myself here in UiTM for second semester, i received a message from bash. he wanted to make a surprise birthday video to his girlfriend which is my very very bestfriend, Nur Farahin Abd Jalil. i know her since m six yrs old! how long is that lah kan. went to the same school all the way and now, we r in different university. so back to the story, bash asked me to send a picture of me wishing her happy birthday and he'll make a video out of it. it was a super duper cool idea though! thank you bash! at least something from us, friends. therefore, i send this picture.

and she said she likes it! yaayyy me! =D i love you nur farahin and happy birthday once again! :)

after that the classes start as usual. day by day and i received those beautiful assignments. and i know i will live happily ever after with those assignments! GRRR.

and so we went out that weekend to buy stuffs to do one of those assignment. you might be wondering what kind of assignment i received that makes me have to go out and buy things! dont worry, i'll tell you guys. :) haha. we head to Sunway Pyramid since we want to go to Popular bookstore. and so, here are the pictures of that day.


can you see the cardboard in front of me? carried it all theeeee way up and down rapid KL. 'cool'. ;(

and that night, went to tv room to watch AJL. AND I AM SO HAPPY THAT I CAN WATCH HIM PERFORM! hahaha. ok it sounds crazy, but yah, im happy. =DDD

and this is him. :)

Tuesday night, went to surau for cocuriculum. againnnn, you might be wondering what kind of cocuriculum that i registered. ah, it is Family Institution. (Pengurusan Kekeluargaan) HAHA! it's cool! seriously. perform my maghrib & isya' prayers @ surau while waiting for the cocuriculum to start.

and the day after, i was busy with those assignments and an event. been invited to be the Master Of Ceremony for the Association of Fast Track Accountancy Students(AFTAS) Annual General Meeting. :) Alhamdulillah everything went well except for the fact i was having flu dat time. wohoho ;)

basically thats all for the week (exclude the assignments!) ahhh, m so stress thinking bout it. :(

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